Friday, July 24, 2009

Thesis Failure

So as part of my scholarship requirements is to write an honors thesis paper about ANYTHING that we want but it has to be passed by all of the four board members. It has to be at least 25 pages and all MLA formatted. I picked the topic of caffiene...I know right!? Well I have a lot of personal experience. haha It is about society's addiction to the substance of caffeine.
Before I left for Switzerland in March I was SOOOO STRESSED OUT because I had to pack and finish this paper before I left. I got reponses from two of the board members and they said it needed work and that I had to see a writing tutor. A tutor!? Really? I felt stupid but after looking at my paper again, it defintely needed some tweaks. lol

Ok so to the main reason why I am blogging: I had a couple meetings with a writing tutor and she was really nice and helped me out but was tearing my paper apart!!! She was crossing out all these sentences that I wanted in there and I started getting really defensive about it. Like I understand that she has a lot more experience when it comes to writing but it just bugged me that she was editing it like it was her paper. She changed a bunch of sentences for structure and a few grammar errors but then suggested changing around topics and stuff. I am way to lazy to do that much work on it. It is sooo hard to try and reorganize a 25 page paper!
I hope I can fix it up before September and that the board will approve it. I need to keep this scholarship :/

Ok that was a little boring but I had to vent it out! :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tuesday Filling

So Scotty, aka Theophi1us, asked me to fill in for Tuesday for his collab channel 5SortaStraightGuys!
So I did!
It was really fun and I had other ideas for the video but I just wanted to introduce myself :)
Here is my video!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Virgo & Pisces = 4eva!

Ok hopefully this is my last distraction before I crack down on homework....

Today I was in Urban Outfitters with my friend Sade, I love that store btw!, and we were caught up looking at all the fun books they have. Seriously theyre so much fun. You have to go there if you haven't. I love all the housewares and decorations they have along with the hot clothes they sell too. haha
So Sade commands me "COME HERE AND LOOK AT THIS!"
I'm like "Oh Gawd...what??"
She's like "What is your sign?" I reply, "Virgo, why?"
"Oh we are not meant to be together" Then she continues reading and realizes that Virgos and Pisces are complementary!!! They go perfect together so she reads to me how they get along great. She is obviously a Pisces but it was so interesting to read about my sign and what type of person Virgos typically are...I matched it almost to a tee. Very scary!
(It said I would most likely wait a long time before I find the right person. UGH!)

Just thought I'd share this because you should look up your astrological sign and see who complements you! Then see what friends of yours match up with you. Sade and I always get along great and spent the afternoon trying not to spend any money shopping...we did pretty well :)
PS. She has a long term boyfriend and she is definitely not my type ;) So get that thought out of your minds!


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